Who is Martin & Slater?

Martin & Slater is a racing company, based out of LaBelle, Florida, who specializes in 50cc & 65cc MX racing. Parts and bikes have been in production since 2003. We are always looking and finding ways to improve our designs and products with each production run.  

Will Martin & Slater spare parts fit my KTM 50?
Yes! All of our spare parts will bolt right up to your KTM 50. Our parts are made to the same quality, size, shape, color, specs., and performance as the original parts they replace. We guarantee you will be 100% happy with our parts. If you have any questions or need tech advice, please e-mail 50ccmoto@live.com or call us at (239) 566 9666.

I live in Europe will you ship to me?

YES, we ship international and USA orders every day! We are very familiar with all the documents and paper work needed for this type of products shipped world wide. We will find you the best service and prices available for spare parts orders. 

Are the bikes on the model page KTM 50's?

No, these are not KTM built bikes.  Martin & Slater is the brand name of these bikes. Yes, the Martin & Slater bikes look very similar to the KTM Pro JR and Pro SR however, but they are very different. We feel the quality of many of the parts on these bikes are better then our competition making the overall bike a very nice total package. 
Where can I get a Martin & Slater race bike?
We can arrange to ship a bike directly to your home or you can visit a Martin & Slater regional dealer or distributor.
How can I order spare parts?
Use our website - order from our online catalog with a safe and secure order credit card or paypal account. Our online ordering features VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER, AMERICAN EXPRESS or PAYPAL accounts, or you may call us at (239) 566 9666 to place an order by phone.
What size bikes are available?
Currently we have two 50cc sized bikes for racing. The Micro is for junior 4-6 AMA class and the Jumbo is for the 7-8 class.
If I wanted to make my KTM50 faster, what can I do?
We offer many Hi-Performance parts to make most all 50cc bikes perform better. Check out our hi-performance parts menu on this site.  
How do I become a Martin & Slater dealer?
We are accepting new dealers in selected areas. We have many different size of dealers selling our products around the world. Our dealer program works great for both the "Big Five" type dealer and also for the guy at the race track on the weekends. We export orders daily for International distributors. Please contact us with your name, address and all your information or go to our dealer menu on this site for an application
Will Martin & Slater plastic kits fit my KTM?
Yes, you can change the color of bike by purchasing a complete Martin & Slater plastic kits or graphic kits.
Will the Martin & Slater engine fit in my KTM?
Yes! Our engines or engine short blocks will bolt right on to your Liquid Cooled or Air cooled KTM 50.
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