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Terms & Conditions for Submitting Photos and Videos

  • Must contain riders/racers of KTM50s only. Sorry, no other motorcycle brands will be allowed. If the content is not KTM50-related we will not post your picture/video on our site.
  • The KTM50 is designed for kids up to nine years old. If a rider's age is clearly above this age limit, we will not allow the photo or video on our site.
  • Safety first! All photos or videos must promote safe riding/racing. All riders must be wearing safety gear. Helmets are mandatory in all riding photos & videos!
  • Please do not send us any serious crash pictures / videos. No "extreme" or dangerous freestyle style riding or behavior will be posted on our site.
  • We will only accept good quality photos/videos. Please edit them so, up to 5 minutes in length to ensure they are fun to watch and exciting enough for other people to enjoy.
  • If you want to have a website or email link to further promote your racing program, please include it with your picture/video.

These videos are not intended for monetary gain, they are solely for viewer's entertainment and to inspire children to become KTM riders. By sending us a photo/video, you agree to our terms and conditions, and authorize us to post your content here on If your video violates these terms it will not be posted. Thank you for your time!

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