Martin & Slater 50cc Service Department

E-Mail: Phone: (239) 566-9666

Our 50cc service department is available to help get you going again.

We have been specializing in 50cc motocross bikes, engines and spare parts since 1993. We have a very large spare parts inventory, so we can quickly get your engine rebuilt and sent back to you faster than if you were to have local shop tinker around with something they are not familiar with, and wait for them to order and recieve parts.

Our service process is as follows:

  • Remove engine from frame and drain all oil & fluids
  • Box up engine in large enough box to be able to use about 4" styro foam around whole engine protecting it during shipping & handling.
  • Ship engine to us, OR email or call us and we can arrange UPS to pick up your engine and deliver it to us.
  • After we receive your engine, we'll examine it and give you a quote for labor & parts. Parts prices are the same as you would normally find on our website. Our labor rate is not based on the flat rate labor hours most shops charge. Labor for most engine rebulids and diganoses are between $80.00 - $180.00
  • If an engine is too expensive to repair, or if the engine has parts that are no longer in production, we can give a credit ( core charge) to be used on one of our brand new engines.
  • Every engine that we repair is started and run for a couple minutes on our engine stand to ensure proper performance before being boxed and shipped out.
  • Any questions? E-mail or call (239) 566 9666. 
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